Hot Dog Stand Owner Turns His Knowledge About the Hot Dog Business into an Online Course That Sold over 500 Copies in Just the First 45 Days
Written by Prasad Mahes, Founder
Ben didn't grow up dreaming of starting a hot dog business, but it was what saved him after going bankrupt trying to save his chain of furniture stores after the housing collapse in 2007-2008.

Without a way to pay the bills, and on food stamps, Ben decided that he would start a hot dog stand after hearing about another hot dog vendor who was successful. In just a few weeks, Ben was able to get off food stamps and was making a great living.

Seven weeks later, Ben had made enough profits to purchase two more hot dog carts and ended up earning around $120,000 in his first year in business. But his success doesn't end there...

As Ben spoke to customers daily, he was asked how he got started in the hot dog business which eventually led to him teach others how they can start their own business selling hot dogs to get out of the financial mess they were in.

He started posting videos on YouTube, created a blog where he could answer questions he was getting from his videos and even wrote a book on how hot dogs saved his life! However, he didn't gain any real traction until he found Russell Brunson.

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Ben used what he learned in Expert Secrets to create an online course on how to start a hot dog business, which sold over 500 copies in just 45 days! He has now went on to help thousands of people achieve freedom through their own business.

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